My views on touchy issues, politics, etc

September 30, 2010

A funny thing about me is that I tend to annoy everyone when it comes to touchy issues. Take homosexuality for example. Some people I know tend to be annoyed that I believe that homosexuality is a sin (one would think that my opinion on premarital sex being a sin would be a more relevant thing to be annoyed about for them, but never mind). Most Christians however get annoyed with me when I state that homosexuals have civil rights just like anyone else, and that homosexual marriage should be allowed if Muslim and Mormon and Buddhist and Atheist marriages are allowed. I even agree to the fact that there is such a thing as homosexual Christians – just as there are catholic Christians. There are many heretic sects that call themselves Christians. That doesn’t mean I think they are my brothers in faith.

In general I am against state involvement in religious affairs and religious involvement in state affairs. Jesus said that “my kingdom is not of this world”. So why do so many Christian politicians think it is? Why are they trying to force Christian rules and Bible on people who are not interested? We all know that no one can see God’s kingdom if he’s not born again, so why are you bothering? Rather concentrate your efforts on sharing the gospel, than on trying to force your laws onto others. Why do religious ministers still have marriage licenses? Revoke them all. Let everyone get married in civil court for it to be valid by law, and if you also want to make vows to God, not only to the state, then have any minister, pastor, priest, rabbi, sheikh or witch doctor you want. Why is Israel forcing atheist Jewish couples to get married in a rabbinate? And why do Jews marrying gentiles have to go to Cyprus to do it? It’s absurd!

Why, oh, why are people bothered that schools teach evolution?? School will always teach our kids a bunch of crap together with the good things, it’s our responsibility as parents to teach them the truth at home. To teach them not to listen to everything they hear. To teach them critical thinking.

Yes, you heard me. Teach your kids critical thinking before they learn critical thinking in school. If your faith can’t hold against a critical examination, you need to reexamine your faith. Don’t teach your kids that “this is how it is, and that’s it, questioning is forbidden and heretic”. Because the they will be guaranteed to question it and find it false. I teach 12-year olds in the Shabbat school in our congregation that they need to “disconnect” from their parents and “connect” directly to God. Read the Bible on your own, examine what you’ve learned from your parents in light of the Bible, and ask them questions. That is critical in developing a personal faith that will stand the test of time.

Death penalty should be abolished everywhere. Can’t believe the US still lives in the medieval times there.

Abortion is murder. It should be allowed, but not encouraged. Abstinence should be taught as the only way to 100% avoid  unwanted pregnancies, but contraceptives should be taught too. The rest is up to the parents.

Women and men are equal. Still can’t believe that so many Christians are hesitant as to if women should work or not. Of course they should! And they should be able to be pastors and leaders and everything else! Anything else is apartheid. I agree that it is desirable to stay home with a newborn baby (I stand by the statement “Don’t have kids if you’re going to pay someone else to raise them”) But if the woman wants to work and the husband wants to stay home, and they both choose to, they should be allowed to do so. Where in the Bible does it say that the woman can’t work? I see quite the opposite in Proverbs 31. A woman who wants to make a career should not be hindered, just as a man shouldn’t. Why, oh, why, is having kids seen as an obstacle to a career with women, but not with men?? It should be an obstacle for both because both should devout a lot of their time to be with their kids! Otherwise, don’t have kids! On the other hand, women who choose to stay home should not be looked down on either! I’m more liberal than the liberals when it comes to this because liberalism and feminism looks down on women who choose to stay home, labeling them a victim of patriarchic system and calls the home a “woman trap”. Who is better to define what a woman trap is, the woman or the politicians? What if for that specific person, work would be a trap? I hate any law that says A about women and B about men. Words like women or men shouldn’t even be in the law’s vocabulary. In Israel, women with children get more tax benefits than men with children. Where’s the justice in that? Why does the thing between my leg define if I get tax benefits or not??

Ok, that was a long rant… sorry.

I’m done now. Goodnight.

Next time – socialism and capitalism.


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