Real Life starts tomorrow

October 2, 2010

Holiday season over. Tomorrow, Sunday October 3rd, the 2 big kids are back in school and kindergarten. Which for me means getting up an hour earlier than during the holidays and take them to kindergarten and school before heading off to work. It also means that my studies start too. This semester I’m taking “Business Ethics” and “Economic History of Israel” – basically a practical implementation of all the macro-economic classes I’ve taken before. Just need to refresh my memory on how the BNP, public demand, fiscal and monetary policy, interest rate, foreign exchange rate, investment, accumulated market capital and economic growth affect one another. I think it’s a little something like this – but this flowchart is only in Hebrew and Swedish:


In addition to that there’s the “Business Ethics” class too. basically a class that tries to make me forget all the presumptions of theoretical economy I’ve ever learned (that everyone are selfish and that it’s a good thing).

Add on that a class that my work is sending me to – salary accountancy – once a week in the evenings, and I have my hands full until I’m done with these classes in February. Basically, I’ll be planning my days like this:

6 – 7 get up, feed kids, get dressed

7 – 8 take kids to kindergarten and school

8 – 9 bus to work

9 – 17 work

17 – 18 bus home

18 – 20:30 dinner with wife, get kids in bed, do dishes, etc

20:30 – 21 – Blog and facebook

21 – 23 Study

23 – 00 Get things in order, shower, pray and read Bible, go to bed

This is of course only Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Mondays I have salary class 16:30 – 21:00 and on Thursday I’ll be doing the weekly shopping for a few hours. Shopping is boring. The only way I survive is by using my mp3player listening to sermons by Leonard Ravenhill, Paul Washer, Spurgeon, Voddie Baucham, Tim Conway, Matt Haney etc. Friday I’m home cleaning the house in the morning while wife cooks for Shabbat. Shabbat is reserved for congregation and family, and the on Saturday evening, once Shabbat is over, I can study again. So I have 4 evenings of studying for 2 hours in a week. That makes 8 hours of studies a week. It should be enough. Plus I’m usually studying when I’m on the bus, unless I’m too exhausted.

However, tomorrow I’ll have to shop anyway, because after these holidays we’re out of almost everything… and the semester officially starts only on the 17th, so maybe I don’t need to start just yet…



  1. You forgot to schedule “some random running out to get chocolate for wife”

  2. That’s among the other stuff between 18 to 20:30. And there’s also preparing the kids’ lunchboxes and breakfasts.

  3. You are a busy man, indeed… What does your wife do? When do you find the time to give her the attention a wife needs?

  4. All the time. Every evening we eat together and have coffee together. Friday evenings are *our* night when computers are closed and it’s just us. Dinner, coffe, games, talks, etc. Shabbat is reserved for the family. After congregation we go home and eat. After Shabbat lunch the kids play in their rooms, and we have grown-up coffee where kids are not allowed. I play with them in the afternoon. Every evening I go through my work accomplishments with her and decide with her on priorities for the next day – she is my time planner. And on Friday mornings when I clean and she cooks, there’s always time to talk. And when I shop I always have to call her every five minutes.
    Plus, we read one another’s blogs and facebooks… =)

  5. Misunderstanding correction – what I meant is that these are the times we have together during these busy times. But it is faaaar from enough.
    We endure it, knowing we have better times in front of us. I have decided to stop studying during the spring in order to dedicate more time to her, and thus postponing by BA till 2016. The fall that is starting now is the busyest time. After February it will be better. And we are of course looking forward to that time after 2016 when my studies are over and we have every evening to ourselves.

  6. I quite agree. Sometimes I think economics is the deadliest enemy of ethics after Friedman but not always. I teach business ethics and maintain a blog. If you would care to express your opinion I would be delighted.


    James Pilant

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