Busy week ahead

October 9, 2010

Saturday evening. Shabbat is over. Been watching the two first episodes of “Once upon a time – Life” with wife. Got the DVD-box for our 6-year old son’s birthday, so we wanted to see some of it. Both of it remember it from school. The boy has a super-human thirst for knowledge.
Now it’s 2130 and I have some dishes to put in the dishwasher before I can start with my studies.
This week became busy. Some sort of commitment elmost every evening, so not much time for studies… Tomorrow, Sunday I need to buy more school equipment for our boy on the way home from work. Monday is the first day of my salary-accounting class 16:30-21:00. Tuesday I need to do the weekly shopping, which takes a few hours for a family our size. On Wednesday wife is going with our Swedish friends to a hike and I’ve taken the day off work to be home with the kids. Prepare lunch, pick up from school, etc. And then on Thursday I need to go and renew my yearly student bus ticket that expires on October 15th every year. And buy a rain cover for the stroller. Studies? On the bus between home and work I guess… not much more than that. But the actual semester doesn’t start till October 17th anyway.
Now this is only the commitments outside of work. I have a bunch of set work goals this week too that I intend to accomplish. Hmm… I need to go through that this evening too..
I do look forward to spending a full day with the kids. And to the precious (but far too few) coffee times with wife.
Since I will be away more than usual she will be forced to do more stuff at home than usual, which makes it even more important for me to make sure to do as much as possible on the few occasions I’m home and can.
But don’t expect many blog posts this week.
I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful and beautiful and lovable wife. I love her more and more for every day. She’s the best! And I feel sorry for all the 5,999,999,999 people in the world that are not married to her.

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