Just another quick update…

October 19, 2010

Wife updates her blog 4 to 5 times a day. But she can write whatever she wants, because she deals with private stuff all day. I am an accountant. You can’t expect me to write detailed information about the financial situation of my work. You would be bored to death.

Right now I am stealing a blogging minute between the dishes and the studies. Time to continue advancing in the Business Ethics class. It’s new to me… I’ve never taken a class that’s so… philosophic before! What is ethics? Who has ethical responsibility? Etc, etc… it’s not the usual type of studies for a degree in Economy. So it’s a nice change.

Anyway, gotta go and continue the studies. Bye.


One comment

  1. Accounting went through an ethics revolution these last ten years. The creative accounting that gave us Enron resulted in a heightened awareness of the accounting as an ethical battleground. I wish you well in your course.
    Pilant’s Business Ethics Blog

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