Terror Attack in Jerusalem

March 23, 2011

My salary accounting class are usually on Mondays. But this week it was postponed to Wednesday due to Purim. It’s the last class before the Big Test on Sunday. It’s a test held by ICPAS, the Israeli AICPA, and around 40% fail. About One Thousand people come from all over the country to do the test, and it will be held in the Convention Center.

The lesson was scheduled to start at 16:30, which usually means that I need to leave the office at 15:30 to get there in time, because it’s on the other side of town. I was considering going already at 15:00 to have some more time, and maybe jump by my auditor’s office with some material I wanted to bring him. In the end I stayed a little longer because there was a lot of work to do. At 15:30 I started to get organized to go.

That’s when I started to hear a lot of sirens outside my window, and a coworker told be there has been a terror attack. I turned on the internet (TV and radio is old fashioned) and realized that the attack was at the convention center, near the central bus station, exactly where my bus passes. Had I gone at 15:00 I might have been there.

I was told that all the roads are closed and blocked, so the idea of getting to my class seemed impossible… I stayed another hour at work, and then decided to try to take a taxi to class. Maybe he can go around the bus station area. Two taxis refused to take me, the third one agreed, and with some help from the GPS, he was able to take me all the way. I remember looking at the bus station from far away as we passed by, but couldn’t see anything significant. The place of the terror attack was hidden by buildings.

I got to the class one hour late. I was not the only one who got there late. Since it was the last class before the test it was mostly repetitions etc, so it’s not like I missed out on anything. And we got our diplomas from the school for finishing the class (the “real” diploma is the one we get from the ICPAS when we’ve passed the test).

As I left the class to go home it was already 20:00, and I was about to catch bus 74 to the convention center as I always do, and there switch to a bus that goes home. 74 is the line that got hit, and the convention center is the spot of the attack. I figured that after 4½ hours things should be back to normal. But I got a ride with a classmate instead. Got to the convention center area, where the terror attack took place. Everything was back to normal, buses going, people standing at the bus stop. A lot of water on the ground – I’m guessing they washed away all the blood and glass. And a big TV-van with a reporter on top holding a mic in front of a camera. And another reporter holding a mic in front of a camera standing on TOP of the bus stop. Weird… anything for a good camera angle I guess… Anyway, as I got there with my ride, my bus was already waiting at the bus stop, so I just jumped on board and got home.

I am of course extremely sad over what happened. I pray for the wounded, the traumatized and their close ones. With the increased rocket attacks in the south, and the brutal knife murder of little children a few weeks ago, it is obvious that our enemy is trying to escalate violence, and have us live in fear.

I will not give our enemies that benefit. I will continue to live a happy life with my amazing family and enjoy every minute of it. I will not let fear over what might happen, darken my day. I will not let bitterness and hatred ruin me. Vengeance is with the Lord. It’s one of these “Psalm 94”-moments.

My kids haven’t been told yet. Tomorrow morning before I take them to school and kindergarten I will sit down with them, explain what has happened, pray with them and let them talk and share their thoughts and fears.


  1. I am so sad to hear about this, but glad that you weren’t near the attack.

  2. I have been praying for you and your family. You are a light there. May God continue to protect and bless you!!

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