Iceland and Israel

April 29, 2011

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that people are not killed by enemies? Or who is to blame if it happens? In most countries the answer is easy. It’s the government. The government has a responsibility to make sure there is an army that can defend the civil population if needed.

In Iceland there is no army. So whose responsibility is it there? The USA and NATO of course. The people of Iceland can rely on their strategically important geographical location, which make them a crucial ally of the US and NATO. Sure, it was more important during the Cold War, but it still is important.

The similarities to Israel are actually great. Sure, we are no Island with a population of fishermen, and sure, Iceland is not surrounded by enemy states that have vowed to destroy them, and they are not attacked daily by rockets. But if we focus on the strategically important geographical location – there is a similarity.

The importance of a democratic US-ally in this area can hardly be underestimated. Especially in light of the recent developments in Egypt and Syria, etc. The US can very easily and quickly loose dictator allies in the area, because dictators only represent themselves when making agreements. Egypt is already gone.

What am I saying? That Israel should dismantle its military and leave it up to the US? No. But I am saying that the US should reexamine their self-destructive policy of the area. The defense of Israel is in the interest of the US, and they don’t seem to take that into consideration when they demand concessions that would practically make Israel more vulnerable and draw the frontline closer to the civil population.

Think – what if – just what if – Israel would be like Iceland in this matter. Blame the US when rockets fall on Sderot and demand their intervention. What would happen? One of two things. Either the US wouldn’t care, Israel would be erased from the maps, death and destruction would prevail, and Iran would get closer to Europe with their missiles. The other option is that the US would actually take it seriously and adopt their Vietnam-war-tactics on Gaza, which would practically wipe Gaza off the map.

So no – we should keep our army. We need to defend ourselves, and we can’t rely on always being strategically important for the US, or on the US to always be a superpower. But why, oh, why, is the US promoting an agenda that is so self destructive for American interests?? I just don’t get it.


One comment

  1. I would like to know the answer to that, too. I’m pretty tired of all this US nonsense where they involve the military in every other country’s business. Sometimes I wish I lived in a more neutral country.

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