Small Pictures – one for each book

May 17, 2011

If you were to illustrate a small easy to draw picture for each book of the Bible – which would you do?

I sat down with my kids the other day and talked about the books of the Bible. We went through them one by one and I drew a small picture (a few centimeters each) that illustrate the book. We only got through the Torah and the Prophets, and we still have to go through the Writings and the New Testament (We use the Jewish division of The Old Testament).

Genesis – a snake

Exodus – Ten Commandment tablets

Leviticus – The tabernacle

Numbers – A talking donkey

Deutronomy – Moses on a mountain speaking and a lot of people beneath listening

Joshua – Walls falling down

Judges – Gideon with a shofar in one hand and a torch in the other

1 Samuel – David and Goliath

2 Samuel – King David on his throne

1 Kings – Solomon’s temple

2 Kings – Elijah’s altar with fire from heaven

Isaiah – A cross

Jeremiah – Solomon’s temple burning

Ezekiel – A skull

Hosea – An empty grave

Joel – Fire over the head of the disciples

Amos – A shepherd

Obadiah – A finger from heaven pointing at the word “Edom”

Jonah – A fish with Jonah in his mouth

Micah – A nativity scene with Betlehem’s star above (drawn as a Star of David of course)

Nahum – A flood drowning Nineveh

Habakuk – A man praising God (but didn’t know how to draw “difficulties” around him

Zefaniah – A heart

Haggai – The Second temple

Zecharia – Jesus coming on the donkey to Jerusalem

Malachi – A sun (“sun of righteousness”)


So… any ideas for the rest of the books…? How will I distinguish between the gospels? And whaaaat to draw on the epistles???

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