It’s not antisemitism. It’s islamophobia.

September 13, 2011

What would happen if it was the opposite? If a mob of thousands of angry Jews marched over to Basel Street 54, the Egyptian Embassy, and stormed inside, beating one Egyptian, lighting fires and destroying property and documents. And amazingly, the Israeli police did nothing to stop them until after the damage was done?

How would the world react? Would there not be international outrage? Within minutes the UN would be involved, the Arab league would issue a condemnation and even the US would feel the need to express deep concern—and rightly so. Embassies are sacred. Once diplomats feel unsafe in their own embassy, the end of diplomacy is right around the corner.

While I would like to believe that this is just another example of the anti-Israel bias in the media and UN, the truth is I think it is anti-Arab bias. Because it is not just Israel—if Americans, Brits or the French decided in mob-fashion to storm an embassy of an ally, or even an enemy, in their respective countries, the world would be in shock.

By not expressing outrage at the behavior of the Egyptian masses and the slow acting police, the UN and NATO are simply saying, “What do you expect from uncivilized people”. The lack of rebuke and criticism for what these people did is actually the worst form of racism and criticism – it’s directly related to racism against Arabs. It’s islamophobia.


Most parts stolen from another blog, but I changed some parts. Full post here http://messiahsmandate.org/blog/304-egyptians-attacked-in-tel-aviv.html


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