Kicking the caffeine addiction

October 2, 2011

I’m normally drinking 3 cups a day.

2 weeks ago I went down to 2 cups a day.

Last week it was one cup a day.

I tried to make in once every second day this week. But after 28 hours without coffee I got a blistering headache, and had to take a cup.

In any case, during this week I’ll make sure to slowly enlarge the time I’m without coffee, from 28 to 36.

On Saturday, the 8th it’s Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. It’s a 24-hour fast, that includes no drinking, no eating, nothing. Not even toothbrushing. In the past I spent the day in horrible headaches instead of prayer. The past few years I’ve kicked the habit in time in this way, and it has worked.

The day after Yom Kippur I’ll go back to 3 cups a day again. Until next year. The good thing with this is that my addiction will always be controlled. And I will always be able to say that “I can quit whenever I want”, knowing that it is actually true.



  1. Neat~ Blessings!

  2. I first thought you were giving up coffee – for good! I gradually realized that you wean yourself off coffee in time to enjoy the 24 hour fast. You scared me for a minute there 😀

  3. Yes, I’m 8 weeks late reading this post. But I did read it!

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