Rockets on Ashdod

October 29, 2011

A rocket recently hit Ashdod again. They’ve been coming quite steady for some time now. My brain started to storm and resulted in a bunch of tweets:


  • Another rocket on a school in Ashdod. They really got up to speed after the Shalit deal.
  • Whether the convicts are behind part of the rockets or not is irrelevant. It’s the euphoria of “victory” that makes them shoot on us more.
  • I honestly did not think we would see so direct and tangible results of it.
  • Unfortunately the only solution I can see is to make them feel as defeated as possible.
  • The problem is that the shooting is ignored by media, and a military loss of theirs is a PR victory for them. It’s a loose-loose situation.
Update: This event is unfolding. When I wrote this I thought it was just another rocket. One more isolated event. But as it turns out there is a rain of rockets on Ashdod, the schools in all of Southern Israel are cancelled tomorrow, and Israel has stricken back against terror targets in Gaza.
I hope we are finally defending ourselves.


  1. We hope you are finally defending yourselves too:( Praying for your safety.

  2. I am always praying for God’s protection on you and your family. I pray for Israel to be protected her from her enemies. I pray also for the light of Christ to shine upon Israel with truth.

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