Never a dull moment

October 31, 2011

Holidays are over, day-to-day life is back on track, and with the university school year just started there’s never a dull moment. My life right now, during regular weekdays, look like this:

06:30 – Get up, change diapers on baby and serve breakfast. Older kids have prepared breakfast in fridge. Get dressed, shaved, and put foodbox and breakfast in bag. Make sure I have enough sermons or radio teachings in my mp3player.

07:15 – Wake wife and leave home. Walk 1½ kilometer while listening to 2 bible chapters and a sermon. Get on bus and go to work. Eat breakfast on bus.

08:30-ish – Get to work.

17:00 – Go home.

18:00 – Arrive home. Arrange for dinner to be ready by 19 by showering kids, putting them to bed, set the table (also attempt to make some sort of sorry excuse for dinner if wife is too exhausted)

19:00 – Dinner and coffee with wife while watching something we enjoy, or just talking.

20:00 – Do dishes and take out garbage.

21:00 – Get important stuff done (university studies, prepare homeschooling lessons, do congregation’s accounting, prepare a sermon, etc)

23:00 – Shower and prepare breakfasts for tomorrow.

23:30 – Be in bed. Talk and laugh a lot with wife before we fall asleep.


It’s now 23:13. This post took me 13 unnecessary minutes to write. I have 17 minutes to shower and prepare breakfasts.



  1. Well we appreciate your minutes! Blessings!

  2. […] här… somliga som har läst ut alla böcker redan. Maken skrev på sin blogg häromdan om “Never a dull moment”  .. shit det stämmer verkligen på alla i den här familjen. Visserligen har jag inte riktigt lika […]

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