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One down, one to go

February 17, 2012

Yesterday I did a test in Inernational Monetary Economy. I think it went well. I knew most of the questions. The only bummer was that all the historic questions were about the Gold Standard of 1880-1914, and Churchill’s failed attempt to go back to it in the 20s, while I had concentrated on studying the European Monetary Union, the ECU, the effects of Germany’s unification on European economy etc… Oh, well.

Now I can concentrate on the test in advanced math I have on the 27th. And then Im free. For this semester.

We were allowed one A4paper ob which we could write whatever we wanted on botg sides. This is page one of the one I prepared.



Rock hurled on my bus

February 9, 2012


As I was on my way home from work today, I heard a big crash. Looked up from my android and saw this. Someone had hurled a rock at the bus, just as it came out of the tunnel that goes under the.Mount of Olives. The driver just kept going, and reported the incident to the soldiers when we reached the checkpoint. About half the windshield was shattered.

For the sake of perspective: I’ve lived in the same West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim since 1997 and this is the first time I’m anywhere close to a terror attack. Well, except when I heard the shooting when I visited Gilo in 2000.

I am guessing that my attackers could be the same ones who attacked this guy earlier today:

They can keep throwing rocks at me, and hate me for being who I am living where I live. The US and EU can keep trying to propagate throwing me out of my home. This is the land God has given us, and this is where we will stay. Forever.


Protected: My daughter rides the bicycle!

February 4, 2012

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