Holocaust Memorial Day

April 18, 2012


On April 19th, it is the memorial day of the Holocaust in Israel. The TV channels show only a flickering candle during the entire day, at 10:00 AM the sirens will go off and the entire nation will stop for two silent minutes. Wherever you are, in a bus, on the street, in the office. Everyone stops and stands still for two minutes. That is fifty thousand victims per second. All schools have ceremonies with songs and poem readings. It is a solemn day that is hard to miss when you live in Israel.

Here in Israel, the Holocaust is not an abstract event one must try to get emotional over.  It is our family history.  Thousands of survivors and their direct descendants live in Israel. Their pain is not from lessons learned in text books, it was they that are pictured in those very books. We are a nation born from the ashes.  And we are a nation determined to never forget.

Today, we remember the holocaust.
Because we must never forget.

Many Jews also remember being beaten in the freezing snow while hearing the christmas songs of the guards in Auschwitz. And they still remember the belts the guards wore that said “God is with us”. How do you think that has shaped their view of Christianity?

On a personal note I’d like to use this opportunity to give a tribute to Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A true Christian who opposed the Nazi regime as much as he could, and with all he had. And he also saved my grandfather’s life.

We, as a nation, are determined to never forget, and to never allow such an event to ever happen again.

Never again.



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