We need your help!

April 19, 2012

Dear all my readers.

We are about to move from our home in Maale Adumim. We have been suffering from mold and humidity problems every winter at this apartment, and we decided not to renew our current rent contract.

Searching for something new is not easy. Prices have soared during the last few years (you saw the mass protests in Tel Aviv in summer 2010). Finding something that is not too small for our family, within walking distance to a congregation (we don’t have a car) within our budget, is really a challenge.

Our double bed and our sofa are mold infested, and we won’t be able to bring them with us to the new apartment. In addition, our old apartment included wardrobes, which the new might not.

I am qualified, and I do earn a living. I earn slightly more than the average salary in Israel. But supporting a family of 4 children on my own is not easy. Call us crazy, but we want to keep homeschool, and my wife wants to stay at home. This is a principle we’re not ready to change.

As for costs of living we are saving wherever we can. I am a big fan of becomingminimalist.com and we try to own as little as possible. We do not own a car, and no TV. We don’t pay any cable bills. My wife does most of the baking and cooking. We never eat out. We use cloth diapers instead of disposables. We struggle hard to hold on to every penny we can.

Our current direct needs:

  • New double bed
  • New bed for one of the kids
  • Wardrobes
  • Sofa
  • Cost of moving

These are only the specific right-now one-time needs. And we will probably get some help from friends and family. And we will of course also turn to organizations for help too. But if you who read this has anything you can help us with, every dollar would be a great blessing at this time.

Our monthly expenses will probably increase with the higher rents, and the higher costs of heating in Jerusalem (plus, it seems like the kids are growing…), so if anyone feels motivated to support us monthly, we’d of course be very grateful.

You can send any sum through paypal to the email address **slipsnisse at gmail.com**. If you don’t have paypal, just contact me directly, and I will give you our bank details for transfer.

I’d be more than happy to give you any kind of evidence you might need that I am a real person and that these are our real needs.

God bless!


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