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Mount of Olives from the Jerusalem side

May 27, 2012



Mount of Olives at sunset – a photo I took a few days ago

May 27, 2012



Moving Days – and Shavuot holiday

May 26, 2012

We got a long weekend. It’s Saturday evening, but instead of going back to work tomorrow morning, we have another day. It’s Shavuot tomorrow, the Jewish Pentecost.

I realized I never wrote more about the Jerusalem homeschooling week, as I promised… oh, well. I never wrote any of the sermons relating to the tabernacle series either. I guess I shouldn’t make promises about future blog posts…

As I mentioned in the last post, we found an apartment, and we’re moving to Jerusalem. Moving days are never fun and always stressful. But we’re also taking this as a great opportunity of implementing a number of principles found in Becoming Minimalist blog. We’re getting rid of as much stuff as possible now, giving away, donating, etc. Today our piano went. We barely ever play on it, and it would cost a lot to bring it to the new apartment (fourth floor, no elevator). It made us so happy to hear the gratefulness and happiness of the young couple in Betlehem who we gave it to. They’ve wanted a piano for such a long time but couldn’t afford one. Hopefully the piano will be more played on now. And we’ll find a new place to fold the laundry…

We’ve reduced the piles of clothes to the ones we need. We’ve gotten rid of a number of kitchen utensils, cups and plates, that are barely used. And the best part – we’ve cancelled our home phone line, and our internet. With smartphones, there’s no need for these old things anymore. I can turn the smartphone to a hotspot and do the computer surfing through that. This will save us 300 shekels a month (around $80) With internet we don’t need a TV either, but this we realized 3 years ago and got rid of it. The same actually goes with CD’s and tapes and stuff… anything that is not listened to often enough, and that doesn’t have special emotional value, can go. Anything that’s not extremely important can be looked up on youtube at any time.

We are book people though. Half our household is books, and seen as a percentage, we only get rid of a few of them (as in, around 1 or 2 boxes…). But even in that field we’re looking through the books, examining them, deciding which to keep and which not to keep.

The internet and the new technology has really made it possible to escape excessive consumerism, and pursue a happier lifestyle, focused on people instead of stuff. Let’s embrace that amazing opportunity!

In other news, we are very exited about this move. It’s a big step, and a new chapter in our life. We will live only a 20-minute bus ride from the zoo (and we got yearly passes to the zoo now, for the homeschooling’s sake). We’ll be able to walk (albeit a bit far) to the Old City, and the Center. And you know what’s pretty cool? Not very far from our new home, we can see the Mount of Olives – just like we can from here (here we see it from the other side). It seems like Someone really wants us at the front when He is coming….

Today we visited our congregation here in Maale Adumim for the last time and took farewell. It was an amazing and emotional moment for us, to stand there the entire family in the front and being prayed for. We were part of the original praying group who eventually founded this congregation back in 2005. Our second daughter was the first child who was born into the congregation. This amazing congregation has practically been our family since we got married. But God has pushed us to another direction in our lives right now, and we will follow. We paid a visit to our new congregation during the Jerusalem homeschooling week, so both we and the kids know where we are going. This is going to be great. A new chapter in our lives. We just need to hold Daddy’s hand and walk where He leads us.



Jerusalem homeschooling week

May 10, 2012

Just came back home after an amazing homeschooling week in Jerusalem. Took a week off work and spent a week with the family in Jerusalem, teaching the kids about Jerusalem’s history, geography, etc. Some biology and physics at the zoo and the science museum, etc.

Will write more about this later today, or tomorrow.

In addition, I still went to look at apartments during the evenings, and we finally found one! From this summer we are officially Jerusalemites.

Backside: I won’t be able to call myself a “settler on the West Bank” anymore. Too bad… that sounded so cool… 😉


Labor Day

May 1, 2012

Happy Labor Day everyone! May we reach a day in Israel where we will be able to divide the economic cake as fair as possible among those who deserve it, while protecting and helping the weaker ones in society. May we do this, and also find a sustainable alternative to Economic growth, while still maintaining competition, openness, personal freedom and good responsible public fiscal and monetary finances.

This can only happen if the Economic machine is driven by "the wish to make the world a better place" instead of personal greed. And that has to start on the inside of millions of people in order for society to change.

Let it start with you.

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