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School has started

August 30, 2012

We started school for our kids last Sunday. That’s one day earlier than the rest of Israel. Yesterday they even took a field trip.

Since I work Sunday through Thursday I’m not really around those days. But tomorrow, Friday, it’s my day. Can’t wait! It’s so much fun and such joy to teach my kids!



A short update

August 6, 2012

Phase 1: Don’t write in the blog for a while.
Phase 2: Build up anxiety over the latest posts that stay on the “civer for too long”.
Phase 3: Build up inner pressure that next post must be amazing
Phase 4: Realize you have no time for amazing blog posts
Phase 5: Decide to write something short instead.
Phase 6: Start post with “sorry I haven’t written in so long, but…”
Phase 7: Realize you hate blog posts that start like that.
Phase 8: Write it in phase form instead.

So, a short update:

The move was successful, we’ve lived almost 2 months in our beloved unified eternal capital, Jerusalem.

I walk for an hour to work almost every morning, hoping to burn some fat.

We enjoy our new congregation, but are still waiting for that talk with the Pastor when we discuss our gifts and offer our services of teaching, preaching, etc.

I finished the class at the university with a grade of 90% and will start next class after Sukkot. Basic Econometrics, this time.

Kids are enjoying their summer vacation, and we are busy planning next homeschool year.

My worplace is being renovated, and I just moved back in, to my newly renovated office today.

My brother got married a month ago, and I find out that my new sister in law’s brother has a girlfriend who is a well known Swedish-Kurdish journalist and columnist. Yeay! I have an awesome Kurd in my family.

My parents flew here from Sweden and were with us for a week. I hadn’t seen them for 2 years. We had a great time. They bonded great with the kids, we went to the sea, the zoo, visited my 98-year old Grandfather, donated blood together, etc, etc.

I wrote this on the bus from work. Now I’m home and have no more time to write. Time to put kids to bed, eat dinner, iron shirt for tomorrow, prepare tomorrow’s breakfast, and plan the upcoming schoolyear with wife.

Yup… I have a pretty awesome life right now. Very busy, but prettu awesome. God is good.

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