My grandfather

September 4, 2012

My grandfather, who was my only.relative in Israel, went to be with the Lord Saturday evening.

On Friday evening, I heard from his old-age home that he was hospitalized. After hearing how bad it was, I jumped into a taxi and went to Haifa to be with him.

I sat there with him as he took his last breath. His head was crystal clear. He understood what I said, and he responded with nods, but he couldn’t talk. I spoke to him, read Bible verses with him (and his mouth formed “Amen” in response), and sang old hymns for him. When the situation was already without hope, and I sang the last verse of “How great thou art” (about the day we go to heaven) I broke down and cried. Shortly after that his situation became worse, until I saw on the machines that his pulse went steadily down until it reached zero.

When it was all over I went to his old-age home and they gave me a room to stay in overnight. The funeral was held the next day, Sunday, in the afternoon. He had appointed me as the one officiating the service, and God gave me the strenght to go through with it. (When he told me of that appointment I asked him “what shall I say?” he replied “I don’t care, I’ll be dead. You can stand on your head”.)

Yesterday I and my aunt who came here from abroad went through his belongings an papers. Today we will do the same. There are also court procedures to go through to make his last will legal, and then deal with the inheritance issue. We are calling all papers and magazines he subscribed to in order to cancel.

Please pray for strength as I go throught this process. I hope to go home to Jerusalem tomorrow. I miss my kids.


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  1. A pray for strength to you from above my dear brother.

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