My heart is with those living in Southern Israel

November 12, 2012

This was written yesterday by someone from South Israel, and was published through Facebook, and went viral quickly. I have translated it to English, and shortened it a little.

I need to leave my earphones in the bag and not listen to music when I walk.
I make sure only to walk close to buildings, so I can run into them quickly.
I make sure to lower the volume of the radio at home and in the car.
I make sure to open the car window, even when it’s cold.
I press “mute” on the TV every time I hear a motorcycle.
I breath deeply and curse all motorcycles in the world.
I try to ignore the cold sweat.
I am annoyed with the radio people, when they put on music that sound like alarms
Every minute I need to know where I can run if the alarm goes off.
I always need to think how fast I’ll need to run.
I always need to know where all my family members and friends are.
Who is at work, and who is home? Who is out, who’s on the road? Who has a bunker?
Who do I call first, to say that I’m ok?

And I’m not a person who gets stressed easily. What about those who do?


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