“Ofakim is so calm and quiet”

November 16, 2012

When I served in the army, 2001-2004 I served in the South. Around the same area that’s being shelled right now. I had an office-type job, nothing special about it. But one thing I vividly remember from 2002 or 2003 is talking to young high school students from Ofakim on the bus. I made some joke about Ofakim being a “hole in the middle of nowhere”, and they responded “That’s what’s so great. Nothing ever happens here. That second intifada? Bombs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. But here? Nothing. Nothing dangerous ever happens to you when you live in a place like this”.

But as we know, following the disengagement of 2005 and the bloody military coup of Hamas in 2007, their rockets now reach more than just Sderot. They reach Ofakim, Netivot, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat, Beer Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Tel Aviv(?). Over a million people (4 million?) living under fire.

And I’m wondering how those high school students of 2002 are doing today. I hope they are safe.

Latest news – Ofakim has been hit. Again.


Watch this video blog by Paz. 17year old girl from Ashkelon.


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