November 16, 2012

About two hours ago I had to leave everything and run with my wife and kids to the bombshelter.

I’ve never been through this before. I never thought I would be this scared. The kids old enough to understand are shivering of fear. Besides reading Psalms with them I have no comfort to offer other than hugs.

I thought I knew what the people in South go through every day. I didn’t.

Two of the kids sleeping in the living room tonight. Too afraid to sleep in their room. We had the shortest and strangest kiddush for shabbat ever. And not much was eaten. I hope the war is over soon so we dare to eat, sleep, shower and live a normal life again.

Again – this is after only one rocket. How are the people in Sderot and Beer Sheva coping?

My thoughts go to my grandma who sat in the bombshelters of Dresden in 1945.

Shabbat Shalom.


One comment

  1. Praying brother. Forwarding this to other believers too.

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