Staying awake tonight

November 17, 2012

I’m staying awake tonight. We won’t be able to do this every night. But tomorrow is Shabbat and we won’t go to our congregation (imagine 200 people at one place
that has 1.5 minute to evacuate when the sirens go off).

You probably hear a lot about “15 seconds” in the media. But that’s in areas close to Gaza. Here in Jerusalem we have 90 seconds.

Anyway, as I was saying. First our 5 year old daughter said she was scared. We offered her to sleep in the couch, so we’ll be close to her when she falls asleep. Then our 7-year old daughter didn’t want to be alone in her room. So we took out her matress and let her sleep on the living room floor.

The boys went to sleep in their room. But after a while the 8 year old got up and asked for a bucket because it feels as if he’ll have to throw up. We fixed that, and moved out our sleeping 2-year old son to sleep in the other couch.

My wife sat in the living room with the three kids while I sat with the 8-year old in his room. Just being in the same room while he fell asleep.

Once he was asleep I moved out to the living room. My wife went to bed and fell asleep. I’m sitting here alone now with 3 sleeping kids at 01:40 at night. The 7-year old is still awake and can’t fall asleep. The 2-year old boy woke up and didn’t understand why we moved him. Now he can’t fall asleep either.

I’ll stay awake until morning. I don’t want to risk that we miss an alarm because we’re all asleep. Again, this solution won’t work in the longterm, but it’s good now. The kids feel calmer and safer knowing that someone is up. I’ll catch up on sleep tomorrow during the day. And if the drowsiness become unbearable, I can always do the dishes.

If it’s this hard and unbearable for me, after just one alarm, then what is it like in Sderot and Beer Sheva? Or even worse – Gaza. We Israelis at least have a sophisticated alarm system and the most awesome army in the world. The poor Gazans are used as hostages/human shields by their oppressive Hamas rulers. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

Free Gaza – from Hamas!



  1. While i agree that Hamas uses Gazans as human shields, i dont condemn their right to resist under the sheer oppression that Israel has afflicted on the Gazan people. They are fighting so that their resources are no longer cut off, so that their children have a land they can call their own, and for better livelhihoods under illegal occupation. How they choose to resist is another matter. Gaza needs to be freed from the clutches of Israel. The world at large now sees that Israel’s “victim” stance is washing away slowly with contradiction to their behaviour.

    • There are many ways and ideas how to solve the conflict at large. All options can be on the table if anyone wish to negotiate. But shooting rockets at kindergartens is not the way to solve anything.

      • Agreed. Neither is bombarding several defenseless civilian settlements with scores of children, adolescents, and mothers in hopes of attacking one or two resistance fighters. It’s akin to seeing a few, for instance Israeli serial killers hide among children, and justifying the right to bombard these Israeli children in order to capture them. But sadly, israel doesn’t see it like this. We have to eradicate the mentality that Israeli blood is greater than Palestinian blood. So long as this mentality persists, peace will never be an option.

      • Has nothing to do with it. Hamas are holding the civilians in Gaza hostage by shooting at us from within the civilian population. Any civilian casualties in Gaza is on their responsibility. Israel has, despite this, surgically pinpointed over 600 different targets with a minimum number of civilian casualties. They have also sent warnings to the civilians to get as far away from Hamas targets and shooting ramps as they can. Hamas on the other hand are deliberately shooting right at the populated centres with the goal to kill as many as possible. Our army is awesome enough to keep that at a minimum as well, with iron dome, alarms, bomnshelters.

      • As said by an international currently residing in the Palestinian territories: “Ramallah in steadfastness as Israel has closed all the major checkpoints encircling the West Bank’s Palestinian territories. Just like that, all Palestinians in Gaza and here (West bank) are imprisoned. Any text messages or flyers the IDF may be distributing and trumpeting as an act of humanity are a dark and absurd joke when you cannot escape the impending destruction you have been told to avoid”

        Nothing said can be done to justify the loss of hundreds of Palestinian lives. I hope you and your fellow israelites one day realize its not an “us’ vs “you” game. Everyone just wishes to live in peace. Life is too short for these sad acts of aggression. What will collective punishment of the Gazan people do in terms of peace? What can it possibly bring about?

      • So youre saying that we should just sit around in our bombshelters and do nothing..?

  2. […] especially as I continued reading. My heart broke for this family and what they are facing tonight. You can read the second half here, and please […]

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