January 21, 2013

I liked Yair Lapid’s agenda. He has some great ideas on things that need to change. Housing, Military Service, Cost of living, Education. He hasn’t said so much about the Palestinians, but he seems to be onboard with Bibbi. Also, he is against the religious ruling our lives. I like his party, and hope they’ll go far.

But I’m not voting for him. New central parties have sprung up every single election the last 40 years, bring with them a bunch of seats in the knesset, and then they dissappear. Tsomet, Merkaz, Shinui, Kadima… the list is long. I hope that Lapid’s party will be different, that he will get into the government and do some changes. But my vote he doesn’t get. I am not a gambler.

I also liked Naftali Bennet. He has an actual practical plan on how to make some things better – annexation of the C-areas of the West Bank. It’s a new kind of thinking, and it means that we are not keeping settlements on areas where Israeli law is invalid (whose idea was that anyway, to build settlements without annexation of the areas first? I’m all for settlements, but why were the areas not annexed?) Bennet also have great ideas when it comes to military service etc, and they even say that he and Lapid have a lot of issues in common.

But I’m not voting for him. A religious party might pass anti-missionary laws, or at least support them. They might be against, or indifferent, to minority rights.

At the end of the day – what we need is stability. If there’s anything lacking in Israeli politics, it’s stability. We need a strong unified government, with as few parties as possible, to lead our country, and I have a lot of faith in Netanyahu to keep doing that.

I hope that Bennet and Lapid will make it to the government. But they’re not getting my vote. My vote goes to the stability we need. My vote goes to Likud in this election.

By the way – Netanyahu has promised to work to get down the housing prices during the coming 4 years – if he doesn’t keep that promise, I might need to revise my decision in the next election.

Happy election day (tomorrow)!


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