About the blog – What is Midbar Yehuda?

Midbar Yehuda is the geographic region that in English is called the Judean Desert. It’s a beautiful area, between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, and despite it’s well known name, it’s being regarded as “occupied territory” by the international community. The area, with its name, shows the absurdity of how people view what is considered occupied and not. I live in Jerusalem, which is very close to this area, and from certain neighborhoods you can see the beautiful desert, and behind it, the mountains of Moab (in Jordan).

In this blog I will always have a lot to say – but very little time to say it. Whether it’s related to my Faith, to politics, to finances, to day-to-day stuff, to philosophy, theology, etc, etc. This blog is intended to let me have a place where I can say these things. I am, however, always very busy with work, studies, family, congregation, and might not be able to blog too often. Sometimes there are weeks between my updates. Other times it can be closer.

I kept a blog for a long time at http://thatdudeyouknow.wordpress.com and I stepped back from that in summer 2009 as I relized my blogging had started to take up too much of my time. Hopefully I’ll be more mature this time. I changed the name, the design and… well, everything because I don’t want this to be what the previous blog was. I want this to be more… serious. I think. It might be a lot about the conflict with our neighbours here and all these (so far failed) attempts for peace processing. My focus is always God. I love him. He sent his son to die for our sins. He took on himself the wrath of God that we deserved. He is the creator and the sustainer of the Earth. He must always be the center of our lives. To HIM be the glory –  always!

I am a human, I struggle with sin, and I struggle with doubts and fear. The point of the blog is not to be tolerant or balanced or perfect.

I do not claim ownership of The Ultimate Truth. But I do claim that the Bible is the Ultimate Truth. Judge everything spiritual I say in the light of the Bible. If you find fault in me, and you can prove me wrong, I take back everything. God is without fault. I am not.



  1. Names are indeed historic markers of past civilizations, but they have little bearing on who should occupy a location today. By the same standard, we should return Illinois to the descendants of the native tribes that made up the Illinois confederacy. History is long and successive in nature. Perhaps we would all be better off trying to find solutions that are reasonably fair to everyone who is alive today.

    Of course you probably refer to biblical prophesy as a justification for the preferential treatment of Jews. I must ask, when will this end? After all, did God not say to Abraham that he will give to his descendants all the land between the river of Egypt and the Euphrates?

    If you honestly believe that all prophesy in the bible is just, perfect and going to transpire at some time in the future, how far should you go to take matters into your own hand to accomplish this?

    Should you expand a defensive war beyond your initial borders to take Jerusalem and double your territory?

    Should you later add another thirty odd percent to your total territory in an additional defensive war? Should you then settle it with the clear motive of land reclamation even after your nation has agreed to cede that land in an eventual peace deal?

    Do you really want to deal with the inevitable strife for generations, the strife that this expansionist policy will elicit from the various peoples displaced?

    I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not if it didn’t have to be that way.

    But no, that is not enough. For according to the Bible all the land must belong to the Jews.

    Maybe this will be accomplished through more defensive wars. At the current rate of expansion, it wouldn’t take long to achieve most of Jordan and a good bit of Iraq. After all, it didn’t take long to get the Sinai – that’s most of the way to the Nile.

    Perhaps religious activists should begin building communities throughout Amman Jordan and even Karbala in Iraq.

    It is insanity, and since the country’s inception this insanity has been informing Israel’s policy toward its Arab population in a way that is only going to risk its well-being at best and its very existence at worst.

    I grew up in Israel. I have a lot of friends there. I don’t want either of those to happen.

  2. If you prefer to not have dissenting views on your blog, that’s obviously your choice, but I am still seeking answers to my questions and you are welcome to post your dissenting views on my blog.

    I re-posted the comment you have yet to approve here:


    • I waited because I wanted to approve it with my answer. But, ok, no problem, I’ll approve it anyway. I’ll answer some day when I have time.

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