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Sermon Series – the Tabernacle

October 13, 2010

Tabernacle-view The past year I’ve been preaching a series of sermons on the items of the Tabernacle and what they represent. The first was preached in October 2009, and the 7th and last one is scheduled to be preached on November 6th. Since I preach around 6 times a year, these things go slowly…

In this post I will present the general background and a list of the sermons, and as I get the time I will slowly but surely upload a summary of each sermons. We don’t tape the sermons in our congregation, so I am basically just going to use my notes. I have created a new category called “Tabernacle Sermon Series”, so when more sermons have been uploaded you can easily just choose that category and get all the sermons at once.


The description of the items in the tabernacle can be found in Exodus 25-27, 30, 37-38, 39:32-40:38. The basic structure and the idea about what each item represent has been taken from the “Tabernacle Prayer” in Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s book “How to pray – patterns of prayer”. But a quick google search on “tabernacle prayer” shows that many others have the same idea. I want to emphasize that I am not a follower of Cho, nor do I accept or believe in all his ideas and doctrines.




The Outer Courtyard – our daily life

  • The altar – the cross of Yeshua. Our salvation through faith alone. Preached on October 27th 2009
  • The Lavar – our purity. Our godliness as a direct result of our salvation. Our works as an evidence of our salvation and regeneration. Preached on February 27th 2010

The Holy Place – our contact with God

  • The Menorah (Golden Candlestick) – the Holy Spirit as the only light in the tabernacle, and to have his fire in our life. Preached on April 19th 2010
  • The Table of Shewbread – the Word of God as our only reliable foundation of faith (not human emotions or visions or ideas), and the importance of spending time with the Word of God. Preached on June 19th 2010
  • The Altar of incense – our prayers and worship, and the importance of taking the time to communicate directly with the Lord, spending time with him in prayer. Preached on August 13th 2010

The Most Holy Place – God himself

  • The Ark of the covenant – The ark as a symbol of Yeshua, the son of God. His divinity, his humanity, his role as our only savior and redeemer and his role as the Word of God (or Logos, Davar, Mimra, Metathron…) as the only way to salvation. Preached on September 25th 2010
  • The Mercy Seat – The Mercy Seat as a symbol of the presence of God the Father himself. God as the creator and the sustainer of the universe, his wrath and his mercy, his hate for sin and his love for righteousness, his omnipresence and his omniscience. Monotheism and the nature of the trinity. Scheduled to be preached on November 6th 2010.


I find it amazing to find how incredible God built this tabernacle. How each and every item – if you go through it one by one – represents another aspect of our faith. God is amazing.

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