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A Practical Solution

January 28, 2013

This analysis by Calev Myers is one of the best I’ve read on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This practical solution is feasible, practical, and reasonable. And it’s very close to the idea put forward by Naftali Bennet, who got 12 seats in the latest elections, and was unfairly stamped as a radical extremist by the foreign media.

The op-ed by Calev Myers:

Naftali Bennet’s plan:


I have too much to say…

November 22, 2012

I have so much to say about the cease fire that I’ll probably never get around to it. But I can say that we’re hoping that this will last and that we’ll try to get back no normal life again.

Our trust is not in human armies nor in temporary cease fires, but in the God of Israel who never sleeps nor slumbers.


Calming down

November 17, 2012

No, the situation or the war is not calming down. But we are. It was a bit scary and nervous yesterday, since it’s the first time we experienced it, but today we are a bit calmer. Tomorrow I go back to work.

The kids are sleeping in their regular beds tonight, and so will we. Yesterday I stayed up until around 7 in the morning, and after the kids had gotten their breakfast, and my wife got up, I went to sleep for 2 hours.

We will keep going with our regular life here, but being a bit more on the alert. (Ok, not really regular – I’m off the university studies for a while, since my teacher was drafted).

The way I see it, and explained it to the kids (and to myself): If you are in the street, and there’s a siren, and you do nothing – you are still more likely to be hit by a car than by a rocket. We run downstairs two floors, just in case. Not because we think there will be a rocket. Just as you put on seatbelts without thinking there will be a car crash.

Thanks for all the positive answers and feedbacks we’ve been receiving. We appreciate it. As you might have noticed I have stopped twittering (it’s not on the right side anymore), and will instead keep my small updates on Facebook, for a limited number of friends who know me personally.

And that’s all I have to say right now. Our life will go on as usual right now. Just a bit more on the alert. Shorter showers, just in case. Change clothes one part of the body at a time. Make sure we always know where to go if something happens.

God is with us.


Attacks against Jerusalem…?

November 16, 2012

I used to think. “They can’t reach that far”. But now they’re reaching Tel Aviv, so apparently they can. I used to think “They won’y bomb their own holy city, with all our Arab inhabitants”. But now they have spread a (false!) rumour that they hit the Knesset in Jerusalem. So apparently they do have the motivation to hit us.

I can’t let fear overcome me. I must be strong and lead if anything happens, for the sake of my kids. But it’s very unpleasant knowing that an alarm could go off anytime.

And I’m still spoiled with living in one of the safest places in Israel right now. I can’t imagine what life must be like for those in Sderot or Beer Sheva.

But I can comfort myself with the fact that we have the most awesome army and the most awesome God in the world. We have an army that will care and protect us as much as they can. I can’t imagine what life must be like for the civilians in Gaza, who are totally neglected by Hamas, and purposely used as human shields.

We’ll get through this. We’ve done it before. Psalm 83 and 91!

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