The Israeli-Palestinian conflict – my views

Since I am a settler in the West Bank I will and might write about the situation and the ongoing conflict. I will never pretend to be objective or balanced. I am an israeli and will always see things from an israeli point of view. When you comment posts like that (and any other post for that matter) please note:

  • Blog comments that do not respect me and/or include bad language will not be tolerated
  • There’s no guarantee I will answer your comment, whether you post a support or a condemnation comment
  • I am very busy and will not be able to write long answers. If you have a twenty-five point comment, please post. But I might not answer. That doesn’t mean “you won”.
  • I will not erase criticism (unless they violate point 1), but I might not answer, or answer very shorty. This doesnt mean “you won”. It only means that I didn’t want the fact that I can’t answer long answers to prevent me from writing this.

My personal views in this touchy subject can be summed up with the following:

  • There’s no easy solutions
  • No one should be forced to leave one’s home
  • A two-state solution is no solution, just another problem
  • Sitting around doing nothing won’t lead anywhere
  • Never ever compromise with terrorists and never give in to their demands
  • Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Always have, always will.
  • Jerusalem is our eternal undivided capital
  • Human rights, mutual respect, dignity and acceptance for everyone, Jews, Arabs, Israelis, Palestinians, Moslems, Christians. We are all created in God’s image and we are all created equal.
  • No generalizing and no racism. I believe in an individualistic approach. There’s just one race – the human race.
  • All Israelis must accept that the concept “Palestinian” exists as must all Palestinians accept that the concept “Israeli” exists.


  1. Unfortunately, most Palestinians agree only that Israel needs to cease to exist! However, the true Jehovah God will always stand with Israel and she will never be destroyed!

  2. last comment is regrettably typical of people who assume they know more about Palestinians than they do.
    As to your views; whilst I agree with many some are both inaccurate and contradictory; i.e. ‘Israel belongs to the Jewish people, always have always will’ suggests a misunderstanding of history, theology and anthropology. To conflate Israel with ‘Jewish’ is simply mistaken.
    But I love your faith!

    • I am actually currently reading “Whose Land – A history of the peoples of Palestine” and am getting exciting insights into the history. Of course I need to simplify when I write in bullets, and your interpretation depends on how you understand the concept “Jewish”. I also do not mean that the land always has physically belonged to the Jewish people, but I do claim that we have a “spiritual legal claim” on it, if you will. God is the one who is/will enforce this right, eventually, and this right should of course be seen as a responsibility towards all the people who live here, and not as a license to opress others.

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