Why is my faith better than yours?

Everyone believe that they are right. Otherwise they wouldn’t believe what they believe. Most of us also believe in other people’s right to be wrong. If an 80-year old lady believes that she is being followed by the FBI we will let her think so, knowing she is wrong. It doesn’t hurt her. But if she believed she can fly, and tried to jump out the window, we would try to talk her out of it. Her belief has become dangerous. In many ways I think that atheists and agnostics see us believers as the first one – we can keep believe it, because it doesn’t hurt us. While we see their faith as the second example – we believe they’re on their way to destruction, and out of love we want to do whatever we can to save them. Missionary activity should never be seen as arrogant “I want everyone to be like me” behavior. Whether you agree with our faith or not, the fact that we try to explain our faith to you is an act of pure love and compassion.

I base my belief entirely on the Bible – Old and New Testament. I see no part of it more important than any other part, it is all equally inspired from God. I have decided to base my worldview and my lifestyle on this book.

Two questions arise from these – 1) Why did I decide this, and 2) What are the practical consequences.

I’m glad you asked.

1) Because the indications – not evidence but indications – of this book being inspired by God is overwhelming. It is the only book in the world that was created during a period of almost 2,000 years. It has a message that is doctrinally and theologically equal throughout the entire book, despite the fact that it has been written during such a long period with so many different authors. On top of that, it’s the book that describes the one single people in the history of mankind that has continued to exist throughout history in over 5,000 years without being a large and conquering nation, and the only people that has ever returned to it’s homeland after 2 millenias of exile. It is the only people that has ever managed to revive a dead language. It also describes a man who in 3 short years with very humble and poor resources changed the entire world forever. No one has ever done that with such humble resources in the past. Both the history of Israel and the works of Jesus present an “against all odds” scenario. To me, it’s too much to be a mere coincidence. Add to this the fact that Jesus fulfilled all 300 prophecies about him in the Old Testament, and the overwhelming evidence suggesting that he indeed rose from the dead – this is a book from God!

(Overwhelming evidence – the apostles gave their lives, were killed, burned and destroyed for their faith, and were zealous and even fanatic in spreading the gospel, claiming that they saw him resurrected with their own eyes! And no one was apparently able to open the tomb of Jesus proving them to be wrong!)

2) What are the practical consequences then? According to the Bible I need to receive Jesus as my saviour, and I will get a heart of flesh instead of stone. He will write his Torah on my heart (Jeremiah 31). I will be regenerated, born again. I will not keep the Torah in order to be saved, but my salvation will make me want to. Walking in the spirit, and growing in my love to God and my hate to sin is an evidence that I am truly saved. Keep my eyes on Jesus and follow him.

I have given my life to the Messiah of Israel, the Lord and Saviour, God the son, who died for our sins on the cross, taking the punishment for our sins, enabling us to get forgiveness. He is our only hope and our only way to God. We need to cling on to him, like a man falling would cling on to a parachute.

And yes, I do believe that this faith is better than any other – because it’s the only one leading to life. I have friends and relatives who see this as narrowness – saying I need to be more accepting. Saying they think that the idea that everyone eventually goes to heaven is to prefer. I agree. It is a nicer and more accepting idea, and it wouldn’t keep me up at night worrying about my dear friends and relatives that I love so much. But I can’t close my eyes to what the Bible says. Even if it seems irrational in my own eyes – who am I to challenge a perfect omniscient God with my simple human intellect? I have chosen to believe that the Bible is true. And the direct consequences are clear. We can either close our eyes to it and try to ignore it, or take it seriously and do something about it.

My dear reader – life is short! You are going to die! Your eternity is way more important than your few years on earth – do you really want to risk your eternity?

My dear Jewish brethren – I know what it must look like to you. After all what the Christians have done to us – how? Wouldn’t this be a betrayal of our Jewish heritage? Then I ask you – would you really risk your eternity on that? Really? If Jesus is our Messiah as he claimed to be, and proved himself to be by fulfilling the prophecies – wouldn’t it be betrayal not to accept him? Do not let the antisemites and the crusaders and the inquisition murderers push you away from the true salvation in the true Messiah of Israel! Don’t give them that benefit!


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