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2010 was awesome. 2011 will be awesomer

January 1, 2011

Awesomer is a great useful word, and I don’t care that Microsoft greets that word with a red line. In 2011 I wish for more innovations and creativity and enrichments of language vocabularies.

So in 2010 I have:

  • Become a father for the 4th time
  • Become a school father
  • Eaten food every day (except Yom Kippur)
  • Visited Sweden through work, giving me an opportunity to meet up with family
  • Visited England through work, meeting colleagues from all over Europe
  • Gotten more grey hairs
  • Fallen in love with my wife. Again. More and more for every day.
  • Gone to a dental hygienist for the first time in my life.
  • Built a webpage for my work, and established a facebook page
  • Switched accounting system at work and learned to master the new system
  • Helped my sister through a difficult divorce
  • Made a super-important decision about our future (it will be awesome)
  • Said “I love you” to my wife at least once a day
  • Done a full financial analysis on a stock-traded company (for the studies)
  • Started to learn more about ethical management of profit-making businesses and about the economic history of Israel
  • Started a class about salary accounting, tax regulations and employer laws.
  • Walked closer with God than previous year, but still not good enough.
  • Taught my kids the story of Pilgrim’s progress.
  • Turned 28

Goals for 2011:

  • Turning 29
  • Say “I love you” to my wife at least twice a day
  • Become a better husband and father
  • Become a more professional financial manager (and not just an accountant) at work
  • Implement our super-important decision referred to above.
  • Get more grey hairs
  • Finish the salary accounting class and get the diploma from the Israeli Auditor Association as a “Chief Salary Accountant”
  • Study LESS and spend MORE time with wife! (So my BA will wait till 2016, so what?)
  • Actively contribute to the growth of Messianic Jewish presence and impact in Israel
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