Should I start blogging again…?

June 18, 2014

I just feel that random rambling usually becomes politics, and that gets me into discussions and online arguments with all the typical online argument features – useless and meaningless. Maybe I need a more defined theme, instead of speaking on such a broad spectrum of things. Finding a niche, instead of being… you know… human.

In general, things are well. I have one year left to my degree in Economy. I have an idea for a book that I will start write in one year. Now, after two years in Jerusalem, when I have been walking by foot to and from work, two hours every day, my legs are in really good shape. The upper part of my body is a blob. We are happy with our new congregation, I have started teaching in the Shabbat School, and got a few teaching opportunities in other small meetings. Homeschooling is great, and a lot more challenging, as our kids advance in age. We are planning the next year now, purchasing books, etc.

We will see… either I get back to writing here, once in a while, or this will be the last thing I ever write. I don’t know.



  1. I wish you would write here and let us all know what is going on in Jerusalem and how God is working there. I have you in my prayers! Israel is always in my prayers.

  2. Don’t let this be the last thing you ever write.

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